ECSHOF Class of 2024 Inductee
Ricky Carroll – Florida – Legends
Ricky Carroll started surfing in the early 1970s in Satellite Beach, Florida and shaped his first surfboard at the age of 13. Soon after he was a creative standout at Natural Art Surfboards at the Merritt Island factory.
A competitive juggernaut, Carroll won multiple titles in the ESA and even nabbed a windsurfing title during the height of that sport. He was a member of USA National Team that competed at the ISF (now ISA) World Surfing Championship in Australia and turned pro in 1983.
After years as a production shaper at Natural Art, Carroll eventually launched his own brand, Ricky Carroll Surfboards in Rockledge, Florida, where he shaped boards for many of the top competitive surfers in Central Florida including the Hobgood Brothers among others.
For over three decades his boards have been sought after up and down the East Coast. He is also a multiple winner of industry shape offs, specifically, the top industry gathering, “The Boardroom Show,” held in Del Mar, California every year.
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